A personal message form our Managing Director Robert Dodd

Here at Windsor & Rose we start with the Why.

You see, I’m a father of two young daughters- Izzy and Millie and as parents we always teach our children to make their own mark and to leave a positive stamp on this world, and that is what we intend to do.

My own father passed away when I was very young leaving behind my mother and six children of which I am the youngest. With that in mind, I decided to set up The Dodd Foundation; where a percentage of all profits are donated to the cause.

The Dodd foundation has one goal in mind - to help the children of Widows and Widowers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It is our aim to provide the small things- new bikes, school books, laptops, day trips, financial assistance, weekends away and holidays. With your help, it’s our vision to grow the foundation so we can offer University Scholarships and create outward bound activity centres- the list goes on.

That’s our Why and it drives everything we do. Every member of my staff share this commitment and passion for The Dodd Foundation. It is their Why too (I know this because I hand-picked them to work with me) and it is why we are so driven and focussed on selling and letting houses. Every morning we start with the Why and this is exactly why we’re the most driven Estate Agent in Canterbury

We all know what Estate Agents do, Most know how they do it, but do they know Why. We start with the Why and it drives everything we do. I think it’s a question worth asking.

Yours sincerely Robert Dodd.